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Two New Facilities Revealed By Wallops As Part Of $25 Million Upgrade Plan Of NASA

NASA unveiled two new buildings during the installation of the Wallops flight units, which were designed to advance the safety and quality of work of the people concerned.

The first, Mission Operations Command Center, located on Wallops main base, is a state-of-the-art 14,174-square-foot facility specifically designed to retain jobs at Wallops and the success of that facility to hold for years that are yet to come.

Peter Dell, project manager for the Range and Mission Management Office said, “Wallops is sometimes misjudged, but improvements at the facility will make a difference.”

“Delmarva should be proud to have this facility here,” Dell said. “With the strategic investments we made in Wallops in the last few years, helps to keep jobs here.”

Dell said the technology was selected to assist Wallops to become the industry’s best, with both government and private customers.

The new command center should serve as the primary location for the interface and control of missiles and their payloads, as well as for support systems for starting blocks during flight operations.

Wallops make all of the improvements even more exclusive, director of Flight Operations, Bill Wrobel, told inauguration attendees at the command center. With more robust installations, Wallops can do more for longer.

“We are just one of four national launch areas in our country,” Wrobel said. “Wallops’ launching range has grown steadily and this new mission operations center has been instrumental in meeting NASA’s operational needs today and in the future for many years.”

The new fire station and command center, in connection with the Bermuda tracking system, which will open later this year, cost about $ 25 Million.

Jim Atkins, Wallops Flight Facility Fire Chief stated that the inauguration of this new facility opens the doors for new launches and would cut the response time to half, which would be effective in terms of launch-related accidents.

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