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Research Reveals Higher Risks To Mother And Baby In Closely Spaced Pregnancies

Researchers at the University of British Columbia and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health revealed results of their novel research. According to the latest research, the time period of about 12–18 Months appears to be the best time length for women to give birth and get pregnant again. The results of the latest research are available in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine. Researchers revealed that getting pregnant in less than 12 Months after delivery is linked to the health risks for women of all ages.

Laura Schummers, the lead author of the research, proclaimed that the latest research revealed the rising risks to both mother and newborn when pregnancies are narrowly spaced. It includes the complications in women with age of over 35. She added that the results of the study for older women are mainly significant as elder women are found with a tendency to more closely space their pregnancies intentionally.

On a similar note, researchers at the University of Texas, Austin, revealed that they have discovered a novel protein sequencing approach. Reportedly, the latest approach is found to be much more sensitive than the present methods. Rather than the need of millions of proteins to be determined all together, it allows for the identification of individual proteins.

The latest development might offer important implications for the biomedical study and might lead to finding out new biomarkers for disease easily. At the same time, the latest study would help in improving the understanding of working of the healthy tissues. This development is said to be the outcome of work initiated 6 Years ago by Dr. Edward Marcotte and associates. Reportedly, scientists were interested in adapting techniques used in the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) to protein sequencing. NGS is known for enabling the accurate and fast sequencing of the complete genome.

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