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Brain Alterations Seen In Space Travelers When On Longer Mission

As per a group of neuroscientists from the University of Antwerp, Belgium, and Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU), Munich, the major changes were observed in the three main regions of the brain which remained evident for almost a year and a half even after the completion of the space mission. Space travel is now an important part of the space research that space engineers perform on a yearly basis so as to discover some of the unknown facts in space. The space travelers commonly known as astronomers have to spend a lot of time on the space which leads to a number of health issues such as bone density reduction, muscle atrophy and more in them. These health problems tend to have a long-lasting effect on the brain.

After the return from space, the astronomers when on Earth showed persistent changes the circulation pattern of the cerebrospinal fluid for over a time span of seven months. The prolonged variations seen in the white and grey matter of the brain can lead to a number of changes in the cognition is still an unclear subject matter. The International Space Station had its space travelers tested for these extensive alterations. The researchers have resorted to the magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) scans so as to keep a track of the volume changes in the grey matter. The scans revealed that the volume of the grey matter tends to change after and before the launch. Though these changes faded with time it still is detectable.

The longer exposure time to microgravity showed an increase in the cerebrospinal fluid within the cortex whereas the white matter tissue volume showed no variations. However, the changes could be seen in the following months. The researchers are in the hunt for characteristic clinical significance associated with long-term missions. At present, NASA is making it a point to carve out its name in the space history by getting closer to the Sun using Parker Solar Probe which no spacecraft has ever done. Space records list only seems to be getting longer than ever expected.

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