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False Bing Ad Removed By Microsoft for Chrome That Included Malware

Microsoft, the Redmond giant, has now eliminated a false Bing ad that asserted to be a Chrome download link, however, was instead a misleading one that possibly installed malware on to one’s device. This forged link was the zenith result when the users looked for keywords on the Edge browser such as “download Chrome.” The link directs users to a forged Chrome website and even asserts to have a valid file that installs onto your computer.

As reported by HowToGeek, the false Bing ad directs the user to a site known as, and also possesses an action button known as “Download Chrome.” Clicking this downloads a validated file on your device, nevertheless, this file is not certified by Google, rather is owned by a firm known as Alpha Criteria Ltd.

For a long time, Chrome has been obstructing this website, but someway Edge and Bing did not consider it significant enough to chunk it. Nevertheless, the site in question has been blocked now by Microsoft and it does not turn up in Bing search too. A spokesperson for Microsoft said, “Protecting users from the malicious material is a top precedence and we have eliminated the advertisements from Bing and barred the linked account. We persuade users to carry on reporting this sort of material so we can take suitable steps.”

On the other hand, Microsoft Corp. is collaborating on blockchain technology with Nasdaq Inc. Microsoft stated its Azure blockchain services will incorporate with Financial Framework of Nasdaq, which provides software for exchanges, clearinghouses, and traders to communicate with each other.

The association will generate a blockchain system that assists diverse technologies to work collectively for Nasdaq clients. For instance, it will make it simpler to match sellers & buyers and control the payment, delivery, and completion of transactions, as said by the firms.

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