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Trump Administration Issues Postal Service Evaluation After Amazon Attacks

The Treasury Department this week issued a 70-plus-page document on the finances of Postal Service. This is part of a task force review instructed by the Trump management after the US President publicly knocked mail agreements between Amazon and the service.

The evaluation, a detailed probe of the “unsustainable” business model for the service, credited e-commerce websites with contributing to an augmentation in revenue and package volume. But it claimed that future elevations in package delivery will not be sufficient to offset financial issues. Without financial modifications, the long-term sustainability of USPS is in doubt.

The report details problems further than package costing agreements, which the US President has employed as a weapon against Amazon. The task force evaluation did, on the other hand, state that packages have not been labeled with productivity in mind. It suggested changing costs on package deliveries to create revenue rather than maximizing the volume.

Speaking of Amazon, the firm earlier came under pressure for the sanctioning of its controversial Rekognition system to law enforcement and government agencies. Rekognition is an influential piece of facial recognition system. The most recent development involves revelations that Amazon joined hands with US ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) over the summer to strike an agreement for employment of Rekognition. Now, Amazon workers are grilling the firm’s leadership over the trading of such tech, particularly when it can be employed to trace people and send them back overseas.

Andrew Jassy, CEO at Amazon Web Services, claimed to workers at an all-hands conference this week that, “We feel really strongly and really great about the value that Amazon Rekognition is offering our users of all types and all sizes of industries out of law enforcement and in law enforcement,” as per an Amazon worker who spoke with the media under the condition of being unnamed and offered a biased transcript of the chat.

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