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The Transplant From Dead Donor Gives Cancer To A Patient

Transplant is meant to give the recipients a new life, with refreshed the internal system. What if the source of refreshment also gifts them a dose of a fatal disease?

The same happened to a family, in which the patient, a 63-year-old man Tom Tyreman lost his life in February after being operated for organ transplantation a year back. Jane Bird, his sister stated that the hospital must have been more active in diagnosing the ailments of the donors before the transplantation. She further added, after the operation the family was informed that the patient may develop cancer over a period of time as the operation had suppressed the immune system to a huge extent. Though the family accepted the chances, the existing ailment in the body of the donor was not acceptable.

The resident of Stockton recovered completely from the operation meant for the organ donation but couldn’t fight the battle of cancer. It was found that a small cancerous tumor was present in the donated organ, which induced the disease in him. The authority of the hospital is flabbergasted by the outcome and admitted they had never anticipated the same.

The operation was executed by the surgeons at the NHS Blood and Transplant Service and the authority mentioned they examine every aspect of the organ that is being donated and take care of the measures that are crucial for the organ donation. However, prompt and rapid action is required in organ donation to ensure the recipient receives an active organ and not a dormant one. Amidst this hustle, they missed the screening of the organ and ended up with a tragic outcome.

This is not the only case, a 49-year-old woman, Pauline Hunt based at Kilmarnock also developed cancer after she received the kidney from a patient who died of blood clotting.

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