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US Gripped With Record Number Of Polio-like Disease

U.S.A. seems to be in the grip of polio like illness with the number of confirmed cases touching a record figure of 158 for the year 2018. The illness termed as acute flaccid myelitis has affected 36 states of the country as reported by US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The number of freshly confirmed cases has gone up to 24 as announced on Monday.

The year 2018 is marked by maximum number of confirmed cases of the illness as per the track list maintained by CDC since August 2014. The number of AFM cases since that time have totaled to about 484 with most of the cases occurring during the fall period in every year.

The precise cause of the illness is unclear; however, CDC stated that in almost 90% of the cases, the illness was preceded with a slight respiratory affliction among the patients or a viral fever. A majority of the affected individuals, almost 90% of them were kids.

The CDC reporting of the illness’ numbers began from 2014 with about 120 cases being confirmed between periods of August 2014-December 2014. The year 2015 witnessed about 22 confirmed cases whereas in the year 2016 about 149 cases were reported as confirmed. The figure for 2017 was slightly less; about 35 confirmed cases of the illness.

Besides the confirmed numbers of the illness for this year 153 patients are additionally under examination. The CDC reported that this number is expected to reduce as some amongst these get confirmed while others get discharged. Their expectation on the decline turned true with patient numbers under investigation reducing by 12 as compared to the earlier week and confirmed cases rising.

All said and done the confirmed AFM cases for the year 2018 according to CDC seem to have hit the highest point.

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