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STD Rates In Seniors On Rise

Many cultures have a lot of restrictions with respect to old people having sex. People think that after certain age sex is not good thing, but the fact is that even old people are sexually active and they also have a good chance of getting STDs, if not taken care.

The age is not a factor which entirely determines the probability of sexual disease transmission. According to a report by CDC published in America, there has been a significant rise in the cases of STDs with the number at nearly 2.3 million registered cases in the year 2017 alone. These cases include syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia. Deeper into the analysis, it is noted that, the patients in the age group of 60 plus have the most treatments for sexually transmitted diseases in-office. The report says that, in 2014- 2017 period, in the 60 + age group cases of chlamydia , trichomoniasis, herpes simplex, hepatitis B, gonorrhea, syphilis have increased by 23 %, excluding the cases of HIV.

Dr. Lisa Granville says that cases have increased in both, men and women, but the rate is higher in the cases of sex among men. She says that risk is increased for everyone, who is older.

Pregler says that during 1970s, sexual diseases were considered a serious illness, people used to die of syphilis.  The current generation has grown in the time of antibiotics, when syphilis and gonorrhea like disease are curable, so they have carefree attitude towards sex. People of this generation are largely involved in monogamous relationship but after losing their partner, they have become sexually active with other sex partners. These people are more like to get STDs.

In some cases multiple STDs are found. Dr. Lindau is worried about increased cases of gonorrhea. The medicines of the earlier times are less effective today. Antibiotic resistance has made medicines less effective.

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