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Strong Female Characters Make It Big At The Box Office

Researchers and analysts had looked up to the films that were released between 2014 and 2017. They have landed on a conclusion that films with female leads have earned more than those with male leads.

We are not talking about just romantic movies in which the only part the female had to play was to be in love with a man. This research has studied the earnings of films from every budget category. Films like Wonder Woman, Moana, Beauty & the Beast, and many more have grossed more than the movies with male leads.

The comparison was made with movies such as Captain America: Civil Wars and two more films from the Star Wars series and the result was the same no matter with which male lead movie, it was compared. They also checked the top-listed performer and the result too showed films with female leads to be performing at the box-office. The movies that passed the Bechdel test too found to have outperformed those that failed it.

Amy Pascal, head of Pascal Pictures and former chairman of Sony Pictures said, “This is a powerful proof that the audience wants to see everyone represented on the screen.” She also said that the decision makers in the industry should pay attention to this before they make any decisions.

The researchers hope that these results will be an eye-opener and help the film-makers to make decisions by keeping these results in mind. They believe that this will not only benefit the industry but also give the audience what they want to see and empower women and encourage them to take roles that are diverse and different from the mainstream ones. It also sends a message to everyone that women are given more diverse roles not just in the film industry but also in fields of science, research, economy, etc.

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