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Mourning Mom Criticizes Ad By FB

Sensitivity does not seem to a skill that social media houses have acquired even after several criticisms thrown at them by users. Gillian Brockell was so hurt by the insensitivity with which she was bombarded by ads about baby products by social media sites that she was forced to request them to be a little more thoughtful. The young mother of a stillborn child has urged Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Experian to check their promotional software well since if they were smart enough to understand that a user was pregnant they should also be able to intelligent enough to realize that she had lost her baby. She was supported in her plea by other users that had gone through similar experiences.

Facebook and Twitter were sensitive enough to immediately apologize and acknowledge their error. Ms Brockell had posted a message on Twitter in November to share the news of her stillborn son with her friends. She said that this message was ignored by social media firms and instead of comforting her on the bereavement they kept on sending her pregnancy and childbirth related promotions. She stated that her response was misinterpreted when she actively tried to remove the advertisements and felt pained that they did not track her posts about heartbreak and tears when she was comforted by friends and well-wishers for her loss.

In her post to social media houses on Twitter she complained about why tech firms don’t ask people reasons for not wanting to see specific ads and then ignoring their requests when they opt for “it is not relevant to me”. She posted that after deleting painful advertisements about nursing, baby strollers, food and tricks to put babies to sleep she received the saddest spam mail from Experian encouraging her to complete registering the baby’s birth at the earliest. Facebook’s Rob Goldman was the first social media executives to respond and apologize for the gaffe.

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