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Virtual Reality Arcade Business Of IMAX To Be Shut Down By The Company

One of the most convenient ways, when it comes to the highly expensive VR headgear reaching the masses, is the virtual reality arcades. Not just that, these are also one of the first ever possible ways to be capable of achieving the same feat. But now, IMAX, which is considered to be the highest provider, when it comes to the VR arcades, has actually, taken a decision that will draw the end of the same even closer. IMAX, which is a large-format cinema company, recently announced that the company will shut down the last three locations of the same, which include Bangkok, Toronto, and Los Angeles.

In addition to this, the company also stated in one of the statements given to the media that the VR business of the company will soon get written off, owing to many reasons. The news was also spotted in one of the SEC regulatory filings of the company. One of the spokespersons of the company shed some more light on the topic by giving some additional details about this sudden decision that is taken by the company. According to him, the main intention of the company was to test a few concepts as well as location, to find out what fits the best. But now, after the trial period of the same in the multiplexes, the company has decided to close the IMAX VR center pilot program.

When it comes to showing the people the wonders of VR gaming, nobody can beat the arcades of the company, which are situated at various locations all over the world. But despite all of this, the investors that invested in the virtual reality, had hoped for something much bigger that what the present scenario around it is, and therefore, the company had taken the decision to cancel another project with Google and all other decisions followed.

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