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Wisconsin Termed To Be The Worst State For Highly Excessive Drinking

The state Wisconsin has been ranked 23rd, when it comes to overall health in the country, in one of the recent reports that were published, but on the other hand, the state has also been named as the worst ever, for reasons such as excessive drinking. Drinking is becoming a reason of concern in many parts all over the world as more and more people are getting involved with excessive drinking, which is bad in so many ways, directly as well as indirectly.

The annual health report of the United Health Foundation has ranked the states across a large variety of factors which include policy, clinical care, health outcomes, as well as community and environment. These rankings were actually based on the percentage of adults that engage in excessive drinking.

The ranking in Wisconsin is actually nearly a quarter of all the adults present in the state and to be precise, it is 24.2%. When it comes to the best state for the same factor, the state Utah finished as the best in case of this excessive drinking as only 12.2% of all the adults engage in the activity of excessive drinking.

This study also pointed towards the fact that mainly the men, young adults, and the adults in the higher-income group are actually more likely to engage in this excessive drinking process, as compared to the women, older adults, and the adults with relatively lower incomes.

These rankings are indeed a wake-up call for all the people that are involved into such activities, and the state on the whole as well, and certain measures must be taken to address such situations which may not seem to have severe effects directly, but sure can be a cause for concern as they may affect many things indirectly, before it is too late for the same.

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