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Difficult Time For Toyota As Its 2019 Prius Gears For Launch

As the updated model of 2019 Toyota Prius gets ready for launch into the US automotive market, Toyota is undergoing a tough battle.

When Toyota was launched in 1997 in Japan, the automaker soon became the first mass-produced hybrid electric car in the market and by the time it reached the US market after three years, its demand went up.

The Prius had more cabin space than the hybrid cars and it offered 50 miles per gallon and all this was provided to the customer at an affordable rate. This increased the demand of Prius in California and made it the best hybrid car across the world this decade.

For several years, Prius’ sale has been reducing. For the first 11 months in 2018, the sale of Prius was down by 23.2%.

With this updated version, Toyota hopes to sell more cars in the snowy areas as the four-wheel-drive system of the new version will bring back the hybrid’s momentum. But it is quite doubtful whether this would be enough to pick up the sale. The company officials said that they are trying to figure out how to keep this updated version separate from the other Toyota models.

In November, Toyota sold only 3180 models of Prius hatchbacks and there are a number of reasons for this. But as the company officials point out, the automaker has also watered down the Prius’ appeal by offering options of hybrid variant on a number of its conventional models like RAV4 crossover and Corolla sedan.

The sharp decline in the fuel prices has been one of the reasons for the reduction of the sale of all vehicles, including all the models of Prius.

The RAV4 has become Toyota’s best-selling model in America, even leaving behind Camry. Some observers feel that there are chances of Camry’s hybrid version out-selling Toyota’s Prius in 2019.

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