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FTC To Investigate Google For Kids App

A new investigation is being asked to take up by Federal Trade Commission which is how apps that can violate laws on federal privacy were present in Google Play Store’s family section. About 22 consumers who are advocates have filed a charge against Google on December 26, 2018. They have made a claim to Federal Trade Commission to investigate on the matter that if Google has misinterpreted it to parents about children’s apps which had the potential to breach the Children’s Online Privacy Protection App as well as the policies of Google.

Google has been accused by Josh Golin, the executive director of a campaign for Commercial Free Childhood. He said that Google made a mistake in approving the apps that has violated laws and brainwashed the kids to watch advertisements and make online purchases.

In the complaint are applications such as – Preschool Education Center, Top 28 Nursery Rhymes Song etc that ask for location according to AppCensus. Certain other applications such as Baby Panda’s Carnival, Design It Girl – Fashion Salon etc were responsible for sending data identification on the devices which are being used by many online advertising companies. That has allowed the companies to build user profiles of children.

Several apps have also been detected to be inappropriate for the use of children, such as – Dentists Game for Kids which permits the child user to enjoy giving virtual shots to the patient at the rear portion of their throats. Doctor X & the Urban Heroes allow children to tear apart clothing from their patients’ bodies.

A spokesperson from Google has said that these issues would be taken very seriously by the company and would be removed if there is any inappropriate content present. They are aware of the parents’ concern of their children being able to browse safely online and they care for their protection too.

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