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England Doubles Fee On Plastic Bags In A Move To Protect The Environment

The fact that environment is in grave danger, is known to every individual. This is a serious reason for concern for everyone but another aspect that is creasing the eyebrows of the researchers is the people are not putting any effort to change their lifestyle and attitude towards nature.

However, the experts and governments of several countries are changing their course of events to put a stop to the use of plastic. In the endeavor, England has decided to double the fee for the plastic bags from 5p to 10p. This will be implemented in all the shops to stop the people from using plastic carry bags, damaging the environment further.

The schools in England are also suggested to deplete the usage of unnecessary plastic while Damian Hinds, the Education Secretary has requested the schools to replace the items like plastic straws, food packaging, and bottles with sustainable materials by the end of 2022.

Michael Gove, the Environment Secretary stated that further efforts must be added to the present endeavor to protect the environment. He believes the decision taken by the government will contribute to the change in the behavior of the people. Since 2015, a fee of 5p was introduced that has resulted in the eradication of 15 billion plastic bags from the system with the help of 250 employees. He expects the people to showcase a more responsible attitude towards the environment that will be beneficial for the upcoming generation. The trade bodies have given a green signal to the 5p charge, which administer over 40,000 small retailers. However, this is around a fifth of the total companies that will be affected by the upcoming change.

The people, who never minded to take plastic carrier bags from the stores after shopping, have changed their behavior and opted for nylon bag to save on a whopping amount needed to carry the items back to home.

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