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China Blames UK’s Treatment Over Huawei “Extremely Unfair”

The decision of British Telecom to remove Huawei equipment on suspicion of hacking and espionage has irked China and it has accused UK of unfair treatment over unfounded fears. The firm’s chairman too has complained that they are being treated extremely unfairly in western nations and even Japan as US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia have already flagged its equipment. Besides US government asking all their allies to desist using Huawei equipment in their communications with US even UK’s defense secretary and M16 chief have warned that Huawei’s latest 5G kit is risky and needs more consideration.

These nations feel that Chinese government would compel the firm anytime to use its equipment for spying or disrupt critical communications networks when they needed it most. But Huawei has denied these allegations stating that such actions would destroy its business and reputation. To show that these allegations were wrong it invited international media to its research labs where 5G and cyber security equipment is manufactured so that they could see for themselves. Huawei and China feel that all these countries are being protectionists about their national manufacturers as their products are superior when compared to close rivals Nokia and Ericsson in terms of cost and technical capabilities.

While Huawei’s phones are popular with public for low cost and features, it also disclosed recently that over 200 million handsets were shipped during 2018 making it second to Samsung the world’s largest phone supplier. Huawei Chairman Guo Ping stated that the firm is miles ahead of its competitors in technologies like wireless, smart devices and optical networks. So countries that do not use their 5G equipment would be like a team without star players and likewise will lack deftness and expertise. China’s National Defense spokesman Wu Quin declared to presspersons that suggestions by governments of the western nations that Chinese government may indulge in forceful compromise of Huawei’s equipment were groundless.

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