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College Students At The Highest Risk Of Meningitis B

According to the reports, the college students are the most vulnerable to developing a fatal and rare infection caused due to a bacterium. Meningococcus B is likely to affect the students aged from 18 years to 24 years in comparison to the ones who are not going to a college. This virus has the potential to developing a life-challenging blood ailment.

Though vaccines are available for Meningitis B, the doctors don’t recommend it to all the college going students. This study has led to a different outcome that may alter the course of events with an immediate effect. On the other hand, the vaccine for another type of Meningococcus or MenACWY is available. ACIP or Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has also recommended it for all the teens, which is an association of experts from the fields of public and medical health and develops the recommendations for the immunization.

As per the author of the study, Dr. Sarah Mbaeyi, who is also the Medical Officer for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the cases of meningitis B are rare but even a single case is a serious reason for concern. Another concern the parents are not aware that a proper vaccination is available that can prevent the attack of the bacterium. Therefore, the parents must discuss the concern with the pediatrician to eradicate the chances of the vulnerability while ensuring the vaccine is properly utilized.

Presently, ACIP has not yet recommended the vaccine of Men B for all the teens, due to which Dr. Sarah Mbaeyi has requested all the parents to talk to the doctors regarding the same and get over the risk of the virus attack.

However, the primary concern related to the vaccine is its cost, which is on the higher side and is not affordable to everyone. The experts have stated the price may range in between $300 and $400.

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