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Men More Likely To Die From Brain Cancer Than Women

The scientists are publishing various surveys that are throwing light on bizarre facts, which were hidden until now. The latest research has proven the men are more likely to die of brain cancer in comparison to that of the women.

Any form of cancer is caused by a tumor, which is malignant in nature. Glioblastoma tumor that causes brain cancer doesn’t have a similar structure in men and women. In fact, the process that spikes the tumor is also different and responds uniquely to the treatment pattern.

Dr. Josh Rubin from the University of Washington showed that the tumors in both the genders are formed in a different pattern and responds to the treatment differently. Hence, he has suggested the oncologists go back to the basics and rectify the treatment pattern before delving into the treatment procedure for the men and women. He believes that a unique pattern, different from the other, will help men and women recover from the ailment soon, with ease.

The researchers have written in their report that the standard therapy is more appropriate in women than in men, leading to the death of more men than women. Another surprising fact uncovered by the team is the minimum role of the hormones. The report has stated that different hormones for men and women are not the primary contributor to the difference in the growth and formation of Glioblastoma tumor. It is a rare tumor that causes brain cancer. In 2018, 24,000 people were diagnosed with brain cancer, among 14,000 were men and 10,000 were women. The chances of survival for the people with Glioblastoma tumor is low and the study has confirmed that 19% of the adults who are up to 44 years old and 5% of the people over 55 years will live over 5 years.

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