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Jordan Plans To Drill Fossil Wells For Water

Jordan is one such place that has been facing the heat of water scarcity for a long time. People feel they are trapped in their own apartment in the days when water is supplied to their buildings. They have also expressed their sorrow and anxiety by mentioning their failure to focus on anything but water as they want to make the most of it.

Jordan is located 32 miles of Amman towards the South and is a dessert that witnesses minimum rainfall.

Since Jordan has been facing the water scarcity for a few decades now, the authority has decided to take a serious call now. It has planned to dig 7 new wells to tap the Disi that is a deep aquifer filled with fossil water. It is believed to have been accumulated 10,000 to 30,000 years back. It will need drilling to a level double the depth needed to drill for the groundwater aquifers, which needs rainwater for filling. It is estimated to be 1,640 feet under the ground. According to the sources, this bit is the last resource of the groundwater, after which the people of Jordan will have to rely on the rains to accomplish their chores. To confirm the seriousness of the situation, the hydrogeology professor from the University of Jordan, Marwan Al-Raggad stated after exhausting the fossil water, the scopes to get water are over.

On an average, Jordan receives 20 days of rain a year, which is depleting further. The experts have blamed the climatic conditions for the same. Also, the growing population is intensifying the need for water.

According to the General Secretary of Water and Irrigation Ministry of Jordan, a huge amount of energy is needed to drill through the ground and reach the fossil water. Ali Subah further mentioned that the entire process will be expensive.

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