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Amazon Brainstorming For Alexa Skills To Work Together With Each Other

Amazon is brainstorming on a method to connect different Alexa skills so that the assistant can conduct multiple related errands without the consumers having to repeat the instructions. The firm is calling the function as skill connections, and Amazon is previewing it with now to the developers. Here’s how Amazon claims that skill connections can operate. Say you employ Alexa to purchase some movie tickets at the eleventh hour. Using skill connections, the skill you employed to purchase the tickets can then be used to book you a taxi ride to the theater, and it can just pass the location data to the taxi-booking skill for you instead of you having to search the address, activate the taxi skill, and instruct the address all by yourself.

As a fraction of the preview, developers can incorporate restaurant reservations, printing, and taxi reservations into their skills. And these services are offered by skills from OpenTable, HP, and Uber, respectively. Amazon claims that Canon and Epson printing skills will be accessible soon too.

Speaking of Alexa, Amazon’s smart virtual assistant is assisting the U.S. space agency to organize everyday tasks while making sense of built-in information-sets. As per Innovation Officer and IT Chief Technology at JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) by NASA, Tom Soderstrom, voice as a platform will turn out to be the next huge thing once we study to speak with chatbots and digital assistants in a way we do with family and friends.

“If you have Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo smart device, tell her to turn on the ‘NASA Mars’ application. Once finished, ask Alexa anything related to Red Planet and she will give you the correct responses,” Soderstrom claimed to the media at the time of AWS’ (Amazon Web Services) public sector event. Amazon has claimed that it is looking forward to adding more skills to Alexa.

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