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American Airlines Reduced Choices For Customers With Canceled Or Delayed Flights

American Airlines announced that it has introduced a new policy. According to this policy, the firm is reducing options for its customers whose flights are canceled or delayed. Under the latest policy, commuters without status in the airline’s frequent-flyer program will not be offered with a facility of automatic rebooking on other airlines. However, this facility will be available in case of extreme situations.

Earlier, the firm had no strict guidelines. The airport and reservations agents were offered with wide options to rebook passengers who are not automatically put on the best available flight, due to their frequent-flyer status. Ross Feinstein, the spokesman of American Airlines, proclaimed that there was a need of a formal policy and the airline has decided to introduce such policy. He stated that the latest policy will incorporate written guidelines on the pecking order for rebooking. The policy started late September 2018.

On a similar note, American Airlines came into the news as it disclosed plans to stop its flight services from Charlotte to Havana, Cuba. Reportedly, the firm submitted filings in the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). In 2016, the Obama administration loosened the traveling restrictions for the U.S. population moving to Cuba, Charlotte was one of the ten cities chosen by DOT to get a route to Havana. On the contrary, currently, American Airlines is planning to take the flight from Charlotte Douglas International Airport to its most important Latin American hub at Miami International Airport.

American Airlines stated that this flight was traveling from Charlotte to Havana on daily basis. The flight was getting average 50% of travelers during the first half of 2018. American officials added that majority of travelers in the flight were connecting passengers and not local travelers going to or from Charlotte. The firm asserted that these passengers will still be able to connect from Miami.

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