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Apple iPhone Consumers Just Discovered Out An Essential Security Feature In iOS 12

It has been more than few weeks since the launch of iOS 12 but some minor functions are still in the discoverable phase for consumers. The latest one to include in the list is the new Safari function that informs them if they are employing a false keyboard. This not just informs them that the site can be a fake one but also possibly saves them from typing personal data and offering it to anyone. The new security function shows that the keyboard displayed on the screen is not the stock keyboard by displaying a pop-up message.

Various iOS 12 consumers took it to Reddit forums to discuss the new function. One of them claimed, “iOS 12’s Safari has a security method in position to make certain that malicious sites are not showing a software keyboard that replicates the iOS one so as to act as a genuine keyboard.”

Speaking of browsers, Apple iPhone consumers are receiving a special browser that is stated to have been developed to match the speed, beauty, and ease of use of the latest iPhone series. The browser originates from Opera and is dubbed as the Opera Touch. If the name appears recognizable to you, this browser launched out for Android handsets in April 2018. Now, it is all set for iOS.

“It merges the high-end tech of Opera with impactful features to deal with the high needs and standards of iPhone consumers,” claims the firm. The mobile browser comes into picture when the new iPhone handsets (iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS) have launched in the market and the iPhone XR is on the verge to roll out soon.

Product Manager for Opera Touch, Maciej Kocemba, claims that “We wish to encourage iPhone consumers to try something new: a carefully developed browser that offers them enhanced web experience on their beautiful handsets.”

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