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Google Assistant Will Allow You To Bargain On Flipkart

Flipkart claimed that it has joined hands with Google Zoo, the creative think-tank for agencies and brands to allow voice-based chats with the e-commerce firm’s Hagglebot. During Flipkart’s sale days, the firm will declare two new items to negotiate on. The users will have to bargain on the item’s cost with the Hagglebot employing the Google Assistant.

On the basis of one’s negotiations skills, a “Boss” will be declared by the end of the day. Fascinatingly, the offer they strike will turn out to be the cost of that good for all users all over the nation, while the winner receives the item for free for themselves. In a press release, Flipkart also declared that the limited-edition offers will also be exclusively available via the Hagglebot’s AI (Artificial Intelligence)-supported platform. The platform will operate on all Google Assistant-supported machines that comprise Google Home speakers, Reliance Jio phones, and both iOS & Android devices.

Speaking of Google Assistant, the firm earlier claimed that is allocating randomly selected colors to the 8 voice alternatives of its AI (artificial intelligence)-powered Assistant. The colors have been chosen arbitrarily to evade connection of any one color with a particular intonation or gender, the media claimed this week. Previously, Google had numbered its obtainable voices from 1–8, alternating between female and male-sounding voices but the new upgrade will permit consumers to scroll through to right from left in a carousel manner.

“It has become a bit of a market standard to relate AI assistants with otherworldly female voices. These kinds of sociological fortifications by means of tech might have an effect on how we view and think of these personified software goods moving forward,” the report claimed. The modification has begun launching out for consumers in the U.S. employing the option of English language.

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