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New Program For Podcasters Rolled Out By Spotify

Spotify is beta testing a fresh feature to add-in more podcasts onto its platform. Spotify for Podcasters offers any user the capability of syndicating their show through the music service, the firm claimed to the media.

“Via this new platform that we are experimenting on, podcast makers who are hosting their podcasts somewhere else will be capable of making their show accessible to Spotify consumers by offering us with their feed,” the firm claimed to the media in an interview. “This will simply make them obtainable to our users of over 180 Million listeners all over the globe.”

Spotify for Podcasters pledges to offer podcast makers authorize to stats about the listener demographics, the performance of individual episodes, engagement, location, and other info. The big advantage for podcasters is possibly going to be that this offers them authorization not only to streaming numbers and download content, but also some of more detailed intelligence of Spotify’s audience.

On a similar note, with mostly western culture and a population of 24 Million by hand, Australia is a small enough market and sufficiently huge test bed, thereby perfect for experimenting with new features. And that is exactly what Spotify seems to be conducting in experimenting with how it can modify its advertising platform to take the battle to the likes of other rivals such as Pandora.

The media earlier reported that it is conducting a test in Australia that will allow users to skip video and audio ads while the ad is playing at any time. This is very soothing for users instead of having a predetermined time limit to watch or listen to the ads, which cannot be skipped. They will be capable of doing this at any time they wish, as frequently as they wish, and the new function will also allow them to jump right back into the music.

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