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Our Team

Andrew Hindmarsh
Sr. Content Writer

With a vast knowledge in the field of technology, Andrew is the treasure that everybody opens in times of need. Andrew has answers to every query related to tech field, all thanks to his 8+ years of experience. In addition to this, he also holds a Master’s Degree in the field of Computer Science. Andrew is fond of eating and swimming, which pretty much gives up the idea what he does in his spare time.

Phone: +1 207-697-4650

Ben Mansergh
Sr. Editor

Being the expert that manages the Science Department, Ben is well aware of all the processes that fulfill the needs of users at Industry News Alert. Ben has an experience of 5 years at Industry News Alert along with 3 years of prior experience in the field of research. With the essential qualities, Ben is irreplaceable for the job that he does at Industry News Alert. In his spare time, Ben likes surfing the social media along with writing blogs, which maintains his passion of being a famous blogger one day.

Phone: +1 207-697-4650

Isabelle Blacklock
Editor & Writer

If you think that Isabelle will be a fitness freak who manages the Health Department, then you are half correct. To your surprise, she is behemoth who seriously needs some consulting on being healthy. In addition to this, Isabelle has a full time 6 years of experience in this space. To add more to the list of her talents, Isabelle also holds a Degree as a Dietician. In addition to this, she also has done some, major courses in Physiotherapy.

Phone: +1 207-697-4650

Jessica Pittard
Sr. Writer

Jessica now handles the Business department very well and has outshined herself at Industry News Alert. Being fond of numbers since childhood, it was obvious that Jessica will pursue a degree in the same. And as expected, on back of a scholarship, she was able to get a Degree in Finance. In her spare time, you will see Jessica chilling out with friends on a rooftop bar with chilled beer or wine.

Phone: +1 207-697-4650

Editorial Staff Emails & Contact Information

Andrew Hindmarsh – Sr. Content Writer

Ben Mansergh – Sr. Editor

Isabelle Blacklock –  Editor & Writer

Jessica Pittard – Sr. Writer

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